Heckler’s Veto? Please! Get it right! Is that too much to ask?

Read today’s article in the Los Angeles Times. Lawyer and Hollywood “neighbor”, David Ambroz attempts to reduce our valid concerns over the Hollywood Community Plan as a heckler’s veto. All we are asking for is a little courage and integrity to come forth from the City’s leaders. And now we’re asking that same intense involvement of our Hollywood neighbors, the ones who want to spare Hollywood’s streets the massive insult of more gridlock and density that will overwhelm our emergency response services and infrastructure. If that’s called the heckler’s veto, so be it. Hey, Hollywood neighbors: Please attend this Tuesday’s City Council meeting and let’s show them what a heckler’s veto really looks like. Call your council office Monday afternoon for parking at City Hall (don’t know their number? Call 3-1-1 and get patched in!)

Hollywood population density at issue in development fight by Bob Pool