The Game is ON

It’s February 27, 2012. The documents below were just released by the City Planning Department. By every indication, they plan to hold fast to their efforts to have this new plan implemented. It will take a lot of voices and perhaps litigation to slow this train before it wrecks what we have left of Hollywood. We’ll let you know when this is on the agenda of the Planning and Land Use Committee of the City Council (PLUM). Every chair must be filled with concerned neighbors! The City must correct the errors in this plan (see side bar for lists of inaccuracies (flaws) in the plan). Once corrected, they must recirculate the Environmental Impact Statement.

Here are the new files:

CPC Determination Letter


Here’s the source for your closer examination

Click on What’s New and look down the list until you see Hollywood Community Plan Update – Staff Recommendations

Included in this new data are exhibits A through O.