We are concerned Angelenos united in a mission to save Hollywood from the new Hollywood Community Plan. The plan disregards the safety and interests of LA residents while catering to the profits of developers.

SaveHollywood.org connects neighborhood communities across Los Angeles to create a better city for all. We stand for smart urban planning which preserves unique local culture and improves quality of life for LA residents, visitors and future generations. We believe responsible city planning should be based on thorough and accurate environmental impact data, realistic allocation of key service funds and careful management of infrastructure loads. We are taking a stand for a safe, healthy and beautiful Los Angeles.

Our Campaign to SAVE HOLLYWOOD:

The Hollywood Community Plan is the model for a complete and thorough restructuring of all 35 LA residential communities. The plan seeks to create high density commercial corridors, remove building height restrictions and irreversibly alter our quality of life. We believe the Hollywood Community Plan poses a threat to the safety of residents and visitors alike as it lacks adequate impact studies, fails to secure key infrastructure resources and offers no proper recourse for community input. As homeowners, business owners and residents of Los Angeles we believe it is our right to choose the future of our city and provide a healthy and safe environment for all.

Save Hollywood. Save LA.

Do you know what’s at stake for YOU and your community? Contact us today for more information or to request a speaker to meet with your group! E-mail info@SaveHollywood.org or call us 323.380.8970.

Official Board of Directors:

While we are a large group of volunteers focused on our mission, it became necessary to have a board of directors in order to proceed with our 501 c 3 designation effort.

President: George Abrahams

Treasurer: Rosemary DeMonte

Secretary: Fran Reichenbach

Recording Secretary: Sieglinde “Ziggy” Kruse


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I don’t like the idea of a skyscraper in Hollywood and I don’t even live in Hollywood.
    But, I am very curious. Who are the people who actually comprise the Millenium Partners?
    I don’t seem to be able to find out that information.

    I think the idea of packing more into the small area that Hollywood is is not a very good idea … not to mention a fault line …
    Anyway, if you could let me know who the partners actually are, I would be most grateful.
    Thank you.

    I hope you can stop this project.


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