What’s Wrong with the Hollywood Plan in a Nutshell

Community plans must based on Facts, but the Hollywood Plan is based on Myths.

MYTH #1: The biggest myth is that Hollywood is growing so fast that by 2030, we will have 250,000 residents. (249,092 rounded off to 250,00)

FACT: By 2030, Hollywood will have 190,000 or fewer residents.

1990: 213,883 residents

2000: 210,794 residents

2010: 198,228 residents         7.3% decline over 20 years

If the 7.3% decline continues for the next 20 years, we would have about 183,700 people. The City is off by 66,200 people.

MYTH #2:  Hollywood needs dense high-rise construction.

FACT: We already have enough housing, but it could be upgraded. To have 250,000 residents by 2030, the downward trend would have to reverse itself and increase by 25.4%.  There is no fact to support the idea that the decline with abruptly change and become an increase.  All factors point to people moving away from density.

FACT:  Under the pretext of a huge population increase, the Plan up zones core Hollywood so immensely that developers can build anything they want and you have no right to object. The 55 story Millennium Skyscraper will be within the code. This Plan provides no rights to citizens to control future projects.

A Community Plan must be based on facts and not on fiction.

Dick Platkin talks about the flaws in the plan – a pdf file

4 thoughts on “FACT SHEET

  1. We in Whitley Heights are setting up an online petition with the website change.org and would like to quote data from your website as reasons for our petition to be signed. Do we have your permission to do so? Our approach will be from a residential perspective. Many in our community will lose their views and all of Hollywood will be met with increased density, congestion and the Manhattanization that is sure to follow.

    Please let me know as soon as poss. Thnx. Schelley

    • Good work, Whitley Heights! Of course, you can quote any of the facts and perspectives that you find valuable. Please let us know when your petition is ready so that we can link to it here.

  2. Density should be welcome in Hollywood and elsewhere when it is properly planned. In the case of the Hollywood Community Plan Update, however, the only implementation is up-planning and up-zoning. In terms of implementation, not a nickel is allocated for tree planting, public landscaping, parks, parklets, playgrounds, schools, fire station, police stations, bike ways, street lighting, ADA curb cuts, pedestrian-activated cross walks, bulb-outs, street furniture, and other amenities and public infrastructure and public services that are essential when a plan increases population densities. Without those missing pieces, this plan is just a gift to developers and a formula for failure and blight.

    Furthermore, the Plan has no mechanism to regularly and accuratately monitor changes in population, changes in user demand for infrastructure and services, and and changes in the quality of services and infrastructures resulting from the Plan.

    Finally, there is no calculation of the population build-out resulting from the Plan’s increases in density and the newcomers’ needs for public services and infrastructure, as well as for the amenities that will make Transit Oriented Districts work.

    When all of these elements are added to the Plan, then there is a path for a negotiated legal settlement.

  3. Hurricane Sandy devastation was even greater due to aged, old Infrastructure..according to many reports..
    I KNEW some of those places well. Tragically, some things are now gone forever.Tragically, there were also fatalities.
    If the HCP used an Outdated Infrastructure Report, and Community Plans are supposed to have UPDATED reports, as Mayoral Candidate, Kevin James ( a former Federal Prosecutor), states at Debates, and calls out Garcetti about this.. calling this an Illegal Plan.. We ALL are very vulnerable here if there is a disaster..Higher Density will obviously make things even worse….
    This effects EVERYONE here. It is not a Hills/Flats issue.. Homeowner/Renters issue.. This effects EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD.
    Maybe you should change your name to ‘SaveHollywood-ians’…Because the HCP, as it is now, leaves ALL Hollywoodians at great risk..
    The City Council,lead by Eric Garcetti, most of whom, especially Garcetti, have sold Hollywood off to developers for Campaign Funds (L.A. Ethics Commission Website)..have passed an HCP FOR DEVELOPERS, while leaving ALL Hollywood-ians extremely vulnerable on so many levels.

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