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R.I.P Old Spaghetti Factory Building 1924 – 2012

Posted 2-23-2012 in Paradise Leased

Yesterday a demolition crew pretty had much wiped out all that remained of the decrepit old Old Spaghetti Factory Building at 5939 Sunset Boulevard at the corner of Gordon Street. For years the building had been shuttered pending plans to build in its place a new 22-story mixed use project of 305 residential units and 40,000 square feet of commercial space. The owners of this project originally promised to retain at least the facade of the historic old building and incorporate it into their new design, but the big pile of bricks where the building was seems to indicate that these plans have changed. But fear not preservationists! Curbed LA reports the developers are preserving historic elements of the building – the existing trusses, fireplace and mantel. And these we are told, will be incorporated into the new building. UPDATE ON THE PRESERVATION OF THE BUILDING. SEE BELOW!

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