The Hollywood Community Plan: Coming Soon to a Community Near YOU!
New LA City Development Plans Will Adversely Affect Quality of Life

In December, 2011, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission approved an Update to the Hollywood Community Plan that proposes dense high-rises along transportation corridors. This approach, known as “Transportation Oriented Development” creates developer-friendly zoning for high-rise hotels, offices, and condos to purportedly to stimulate use of buses, subways, and bicycles.

In Hollywood, skyscrapers will line Vine, Sunset, Hollywood, Highland, Cahuenga and more. Two proposed 58-story towers will flank the iconic Capitol Records building obstructing views of the Hollywood sign for many. Major mixed-use projects in the pipeline will irreversibly transform the historic neighborhood. Under this update, such projects can be built quickly and with minimized oversight. The City Council plans to vote on the update this spring and we need your help!

Did you know?
  • The Hollywood Community Plan isn’t just for Hollywood! That it will be the template for updating all 35 Los Angeles Community Plans, starting with Granada Hills, Sylmar, South LA, Southeast LA, West Adams, and San Pedro
  • The City Planning Department’s Final Environmental Impact Report for the Hollywood Update admits it cannot mitigate adverse impacts on air quality, greenhouse gases, noise, or most public services and utilities.
  • More fire and police will be needed to serve a growing population, but that these public safety needs have not yet been funded, or even really studied.
  • the City is already a decade behind in its annual reports on the state of our infrastructure.

How will thousands flee hillside homes in case of fire? Take children to school through years of intense construction? How will paramedics reach us given gridlock and demands from thousands of new residents? Why are we putting our neighborhoods at risk, especially when vacancy rates are already high?

Many Neighborhood Councils and resident associations already are on record opposing this plan, which will limit local influence because new zoning will allow such projects to be built with minimized environmental review.

Save Hollywood. Save LA.

We, People for Livable Communities, a coalition of concerned Angelenos, are reaching out to neighbors across the city. Do you know what’s at stake for YOU and your community? Contact us today for more information or to request a speaker to meet with your group! E-mail or call us 323.380.8970.


1 thought on “DEVELOPMENT

  1. Density should be welcome in Hollywood and elsewhere when it is properly planned. In the case of the Hollywood Community Plan Update, however, the only implementation is up-planning and up-zoning. In terms of implementation, not a nickel is allocated for tree planting, public landscaping, parks, parklets, playgrounds, schools, fire station, police stations, bike ways, street lighting, ADA curb cuts, pedestrian-activated cross walks, bulb-outs, street furniture, and other amenities and public infrastructure and public services that are essential when a plan increases population densities. Without those missing pieces, this plan is just a gift to developers and a formula for failure and blight.

    Furthermore, the Plan has no mechanism to regularly and accuratately monitor changes in population, changes in user demand for infrastructure and services, and and changes in the quality of services and infrastructures resulting from the Plan.

    Finally, there is no calculation of the population build-out resulting from the Plan’s increases in density and the newcomers’ needs for public services and infrastructure, as well as for the amenities that will make Transit Oriented Districts work.

    When all of these elements are added to the Plan, then there is a path for a negotiated legal settlement.

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