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  1. Is the City Council meeting on the 17th of April still the deadline meeting for speaking out against the Hollywood Community Plan? When I looked on the council website I saw a PLUM Committee meeting scheduled for today, April 10th, but it was cancelled. Can you tell me what gives? Is this just more B.S.? I’m trying to rally people to come, but I need to know that I’m working with accurate information. Thanks in advance for any info.

    • PLUM will meet on Tuesday, April 17 at 2 pm in room 340. PLUM asked Planning to clarify some things and bring the plan back to them. So, yes, we have one more shot at getting PLUM to acknowledge the many flaws in the plan and do the right thing – to send this back to Planning to get these things corrected and then to order them to recirculate the EIR. The more people that can show up, the better. Remember, this is not about skyscrappers. They are just the evidence of a wrong-headed plan. This community doesn’t want to become more dense. And there’s no factual rationale for it. If the plan were based on accurate census, downzoning and smart planning would be found throughout this plan.

  2. I have been fighting the city of L.A. for many years on every front imaginable. There is only ONE way to stop these criminals: VOTE THEM OUT!

    This tactic, though, will be impossible unless people wake up to several facts that heretofore most have REFUSED to face:
    1. The elections are most likely fraudulent and ballot boxes are most likely “stuffed”. Why else would those criminals and “Bozos” institute a policy that prohibits poll workers from asking for a picture I.D.?
    2. L.A. Superior Court is a cesspool of corruption. Check out “Full Disclosure” internet journalist Leslie Dutton on the case of Attorney Richard Fine, who was jailed for 18 months in solitary confinement WITH NO CHARGES FILES because he outed the filthy judges in L.A. Superior who get yearly bribes of over $50K from the filthy County Supervisors.
    3. L.A. City Council is implementing “Agenda 21”, the global plan to pack the cities while prohibiting development in rural areas. This is about elimination of private property. This is about tyranny. This is about the destruction of the Bill or Rights and U.S. sovereignty.

    Having been ridiculed over and over again merely for stating facts to the indoctrinated “sheeple” in L.A., I have given up
    presenting anything rational or factual. Until you are ready to face facts, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE.

    Contact me if you are ready to face the truth about issues I have been researching for over 20 years. Otherwise, the “sheeple” are getting what they deserve.

  3. After all is said and done and their agenda is stilled allowed to proceed- we should demand that the building they built be “Green”- Agenda 21 all buildings be “Green” – this might be more easily accomplished- demand “Green” buildings in Hollywood.

  4. Density, in the form of larger or more compact buildings and more people, is welcome in Hollywood and elsewhere when it properly planned. In fact, when it is done right, it can be extremely beneficial for health, social, and environmental reasons.

    In the case of the Hollywood Community Plan Update, however, there is only one approach to increased density: up-planning and up-zoning. Not a nickel is allocated for tree planting, public landscaping, parks, parklets, playgrounds, schools, fire station, police stations, bike paths, street lighting, ADA curb cuts, street furniture, and median strips. These and many other local amenities and public infrastructure and public services are essential when a proposed plan increases densities. Without those missing pieces, a density plan, such as Hollywood, is just a short-term gift to speculative real estate developers and a long term formula for failure and blight.

    Furthermore, the proposed Hollywood Plan does not have a rigorous annual monitoring program capable of detecting and reporting changes in population, local user demand for infrastructure and services, and changes in the quality of services and infrastructures resulting from either the Plan or from other factors.

    Finally, the Plan does not calculate the population increase resulting from its density program, not how these increases in density translate into increase demand for public services and infrastructure, as well as the amenities required to make Transit Oriented Districts a success.

    When all of these features are added to the Hollywood plan, then there is a path for a negotiated settlement to the three law suits now slowly working their way through the courts.

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