Chamber of Commerce hires law firm to oppose HCP lawsuits

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Thursday said that it engaged the law firm of Sheppard Mullin to intervene in lawsuits challenging the Hollywood Community Plan update.

“We want to ensure that no action is taken that would stop people from securing permits for their businesses and developments in accordance with the approved community plan update,” Chamber President Leron Gubler said in a statement.

The opponents of the community plan – which allows taller buildings and higher density development – say the document doesn’t adequately address provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act on traffic, air quality and land use.

Three groups, the La Mirada Neighborhood Association, and Fix the City, filed separate lawsuits in July to block the plan, which the council approved in June…Read more

2 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce hires law firm to oppose HCP lawsuits

  1. Judge Goodman is following in the footsteps of Citizens United. Fearful that the Holywood residents, who are suing the City over the fraudulent Hollywood Plan, might overwhelm the entire city of Los Angeles with its Planning Department and its gaggle of land use attorneys at the City Attorneys Office, Judge Goodman felt the need to “balance” the scales like Judge Roberts — by allowing BILLIONAIRES to pay unlimited legal fees to their downtown lawyers to tell the judge what to think.

    Of course, Judge Goodman does have a point. City Planning and the City Attorney’s office do have some honest employees and they have already advised the city council how bad the Hollywood Plan is for Hollywood and that it is legally indefensible. But, the judge apparently needs instructions directly from the BILLIONAIRES just in case someone in City Planning of the City Attorney office might tell the truth.

    If you want to see the results of the years of criminality which the courts have been protecting, then read the LA Times article which I saw reprinted here about how the theft of LAFD funds has left the Hills without adequate fire or paramedics. Unless the Hollywood Plan is thrown out, you can be certain that literally billions more will go to the developers and less and less will go to the LAFD and the LAPD.

  2. Sheppard Mullin is listed on L.A. Ethics Commission website as donors to many City Politicos PAST AND PRESENT..City Council Members, etc. They also are Millennium’s Law Firm. Millennium, the Hollywood Skyscraper Developer, has donated to Garcetti’s Campaign and others (Villaraigosa) according the L.A. Ethics Commission. Millennium is the Diamond Level Donor to The Hollywood Chamber..The Hollywood Community Plan was manipulated through every level by Villaraigosa and Garcetti AND The Hollywood Chamber….It was FOR developers like Millennium. The streets Millennium is building on were left OUT of the Hollywood Community Plan with regards to Height Limits to ACCOMMODATE Millennium…. Streets like Vine that ARE IN HOLLYWOOD.
    What is wrong with this picture?? And why isn’t every paper, like The L.A.Times writing about this story.. About THE TRUTH of the behind closed doors wheeling and dealing and taking money from developers and their Law Firm and turning Hollywood OVER TO THEM??
    And now they are going to try to stop Law Suits against an ILLEGAL Hollywood Community Plan..??
    Are we still living in America??
    Or in a Garcetti/Villaraigosa/Millennium Dictatorship…. Aided and abetted by The Hollywood Chamber.. The Uber Enablers..

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