W Hotel Condos — Selling a Lie

Struggling to secure buyers for their condominiums, the W Hotel posts the following images depicting the view from their rooftop. Nowhere on their site do they warn prospective buyers that this view is scheduled for obliteration by projects currently under review and the developers waiting for the go-ahead to build.

The W Hotel knows that the beauty of the current Hollywood is what sells. We know that it is what makes living here worthwhile.

SaveHollywood.org is currently suing the City to prevent it from being destroyed. The facts and the law are on our side but we will have to show it in court. Lawsuits are costly. We need your financial support to save the Hollywood we all love. Now is the time to act. Please take a moment to use the “Donate” button or write a check to SaveHollywood.org to make it a success.

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