Hollywood-Gower Tower Demolished In Court

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ann I. Jones on July 23, 2012 ruled that the Los Angeles City Council’s approval of a planned 20-story retail and residential tower at Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street in Hollywood was illegal.

Jones slammed the Los Angeles City Planning Department and City Council, ruling that the City had violated the public’s constitutional due process rights in a process which “negated . . . meaningful public participation.”

Discussing a pattern of misconduct by City Planning staff, Jones found that “effective public participation was wholly derailed by the process adopted by the City in this case.”

Community group La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association of Hollywood, plaintiff in the lawsuit, also obtained emails between consultants for the project developer, 6104 Hollywood, LLC, and City staff. Jones noted that the contents of those emails were further evidence of “impropriety in the process.”

According to attorney Robert P. Silverstein, who won the lawsuit on behalf of the neighborhood association, the emails revealed back-channel communications between the City and developer’s consultants and collusion to suppress information from public review.

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La Mirada Ave Neighborhood Assoc of Hollywood v. City of Los Angeles

1 thought on “Hollywood-Gower Tower Demolished In Court

  1. Truly pathetic…
    The NIMBY’s, as it appears, have had their way thus far.
    But not for too long.
    I’m confident the case will be appealed, and the developers will win.
    For now,
    it’s quite astonishing to see how those dumb neighborhood groups try to prevent density. The NIMBY’s continue suffering from a syndrome called “Homeowner Myopia”. What do you guys want: to continue living in your ugly parking lots and concrete? To continue endure lack of walkability and points of interest? To continue spending the rest of your lives in cars, stuck behind the wheel in traffic??
    Please, stick your NIMBY heads out of the sand: LA is not a suburb or a rural “community”, but a large developing city. We have to embrace density, as it will greatly improve quality of life. We need more walkable neighborhoods (sorry, but the current state of Hollywood is not too walkable), and the new developments greatly improve walkability and add landscaping. The new mixed-use developments also add retail and other upscale destinations that families can enjoy. And the greatly improved public transit complements the new developments (and vice-versa).
    Want to truly “SAVE Hollywood”? Then you have to understand the benefits of density and walkable neighborhoods. And we have to say good-bye with parking lots (a huge eyesore to Hollywood) and old, vacant concrete structures.

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