Who Killed Hollywood?

Help solve the mystery. The date was June 19, last Tuesday in the City Council. What passes for City Council debate on the Hollywood Community Plan began with everyone in the room knowing the vote as usual would be unanimous. It was 3 minutes, 10 seconds into Richard Alarcon’s raising the issue of the City Attorney’s office having suggested environmental protections in the HCP should be stronger. At that moment, the Council camera captures Paul Krekorian getting up out of his seat at the far end of the horseshoe and making a beeline to the dais. “How far behind are we on our community plans?” asked Alarcon. Planning Director Michael LoGrande gave him a long-winded response that never came close to answering the question. There is intense conversation between Krekorian and Assistant City Attorney Dion Connell. A visibly concerned Connell confers with other city officials over a few minutes while another city official whispers in Alarcon’s ear. A lip reader could have fun and maybe learn a lot studying the video of the conversations caught while Alarcon was hesitantly raising a curious question about the City Attorney wanting greater environmental protections. Watch the two realities: The feigned stupidity of city planners that was broadcast and the background mystery.

4 thoughts on “Who Killed Hollywood?

  1. I was there. I’ve been there for every possible vote. The city of Los Angeles is run by a remarkably stupid and corrupt group of people. The best that money can buy. As we litigate I pray that judges are more difficult to buy.

  2. It is clear that the City Attorney made a proposal to the Council to add the correct data and then re-circulate the plan — recirculating is what takes time. The correct data can be added in a few days.

    Because Alarcon voluntarily revealed the sum and substance of the City Attorney’s advice he waived any atty client privilege. Also none of the other councilmembers objected to his disclosing the confidential information and they had their city attorneys present to advise them to object to any disclosure.

    Thus, the hearing was a violation of the Brown Act as the council had access to vital information which was being withheld from the public.

  3. If anyone thinks the HCP was not a product of Political Maneuvering and Manipulations, behind closed door Secrets, and Corruption..just look at this tape.
    When the closed door is opened, they are not even capable of COVERING UP or being DISCREET in their reactions… coming to the rescue DAMAGE CONTROL Mode..
    How could such a stupid, inept group put this HCP over on the City??.
    Drum Roll please…
    And The Oscar goes to.. Eric Garcetti..
    Best Acting, Best Lieing, Best Misrepresenting..
    Without Shame or Conscience.
    He can teach them ALL how it is done!

    • Quite shameful, isn’t it. And now it’s up to us to be part of history. Will we be united and strong enough to bring this corruption to an end?

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