On to Phase Two

George Abrahams — People for Livable Communities and the three other organized groups fighting the Hollywood Community Plan have understood from the beginning that the fight to get the City to respect State Law and even their own laws is a long-term effort. All of us have been working toward the goal of being able to establish the basis of a winning legal challenge to the proposed Plan. The principal focus is the Administrative Record. The Administrative Record is the legal foundation upon which all discussion before a court of law must be based. The period where facts and expert analysis can be introduced is the time from when the Plan is first presented to the public by the City Planning Department to when the City Council votes on the Plan. It is the only time when interested parties can introduce relevant material. All four groups opposing the Plan have been diligently building our case. In alerting the residents of Los Angeles to our effort and raising public awareness about the many faults in the proposed Hollywood Community Plan, we were making it clear to the City Council that their votes on that Plan will have consequences. In this regard we were successful. The PLUM Committee went into closed session to confer with the City Attorney on a matter where “there is significant exposure to litigation, based on ‘existing facts and circumstances’ and the advice of counsel” and ultimately sent the Plan to the City Council “without recommendation”. This was a major admission by the Committee that there were faults in the Plan and that they would face a significant risk of losing in court. When the Plan went to the full Council, it looked for a time that we would be able to make them see reason and send the Plan back to the City Planning Department for correction of the faulty data, a full recirculation of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and a study of the Downzoning Alternative. In the City Council meeting (June 19th), Councilman Alarcon had his doubts about the Plan and questioned the City Attorney and the Planning representatives about it. The Council chose to ignore the warning from the City Attorney and voted to approve the flawed Plan. This was Phase One. However, this does not mean that the fight for a fair and just Hollywood Community Plan is over.

The City has long had a “so sue us” strategy when facing challenges to their abuse of authority, hoping that the people opposed will acquiesce, give up and go away. But fat chance of that. The facts in the administrative record and the law are on our side. So, we go onto Phase Two — we sue them. The case will likely go through both trial court and appeals court before it is settled. The City has to pay all the attorney fees and court costs when it loses a suit. But, until the final decision of the Court is made, the plaintiffs in a case must be able to fund the suit.

We need your help again. Please help us win the case for a Hollywood Community Plan that will fairly serve the interests of both the residents and the businesses in Hollywood. This will also benefit all the residents in Los Angeles who will be affected by the outcome of the suit and harmed if the current Plan is not stopped. Please use the “Donate” button to save Hollywood from excessive density, over-development, skyscrapers and traffic grid-lock.

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3 thoughts on “On to Phase Two

  1. As a member of the Hollywoodland Community and a Trustee of the Hollywood Arts Committee I am deeply concern with this entire plan. Hollywood is already a gridlock. Addtionally, the icon, The Capital Records Building will disappear from the skyline and impossible to see between four 40 story proposed high rise buildings. The developers are having a field day and adding new properties on the same day as voting befor the City Council.

    Get a complete subway system in place and not one that goes one way and does not service the Westside at all. Let building begin east of the Hollywood and Vine area which is already too congested. Listen to the voice of the residents and home owner associations because we live here and want our neighbood to the best it can be. Progress does not have to destroy history and make us captive in our homes.
    Tony Clark
    Chavelier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

  2. I don’t see a donate button. Do you have a recommendation of the size of a donation each BCNA member should make? I support teh effort, completely. So much for teh “power” of the community associations…

    • Hi Jeff. Thanks for paying attention to this issue. We’re working with Paypal but their gears are working slowly. That’s why we put that post office box info there. Also, since the BCNA is the lead agent on this campaign, you can go to BeachwoodCanyon.org and push the donate button there. When they ask for a comment or note, write Save Hollywood and your donation will be earmarked for this. Any amount is helpful and if you know someone that would like to be a benefactor, that would be an awesome connection about this time.

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