Why Downzoning? — the Legal Analysis

The City Planning Department failed to include the downzoning option in the Hollywood Community Plan Update submitted to the City Council for consideration. Here are two documents split in four parts for easy downloading. These documents were submitted by People for Livable Communities (PLC) to be added to the administrative record. They explain why downzoning is the only rational alternative to the project.

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2 thoughts on “Why Downzoning? — the Legal Analysis

  1. Compelling Testimony in favor of Downzoning..

    Hollywood Community Plan PLUM HEARING..April 17th, 2011…Public Comment

    Pat McOsker – President of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City

    “Listen, I don’t know if supersizing Hollywood is a good idea or a bad idea..

    I just know it’ll be a deadly idea.

    If you don’t do something about the infrastructure..

    And specifically, I mean, by having enough firefighters and paramedics to protect that Community..

    You know what’s going on..

    Forty per cent of the time we’re not getting there on time right now..

    To save lives.. when people are not breathing..

    To keep a fire from burning out of control..

    So you can’t build up the city even more, while the Fire Department is staffed the way it is right now..

    Because it’ll be irresponsible.

    It’ll take us even longer to get there.

    More lives will be lost,

    More fires will burn out of control,

    And it’s irresponsible

    So.. you know, there’s supposed to be a mitigation.. people pay fees, developers pay fees..

    Those don’t come back to The Fire Department.

    You’re not following, right now, your infrastructure plan.

    The Mayor just swept the hydrant fee clean on The Fire Department..

    Took millions of dollars out of it to balance the Budget, rather than to put back into that infrastructure, that protection for citizens, when developers build.

    This is dangerous stuff.

    Thank you”

    April 17th Plum Hearing..The Hollywood Community Plan

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