PLUM Gets an Education – People’s Voices Silenced

by Fran Reichenbach — In the meeting yesterday of the Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM), it appeared that PLUM was not prepared to actually see what the Hollywood Community Plan Update will mean for Hollywood. At the end of a mere 15 minutes of public comment in yesterday’s hearing on this matter, a poster illustrating the height of one of two Millennium Project towers was presented. (See graphic) After the speaker sat down, the committee asked to see that poster close up. They then proceeded to ask Kevin Keller (Planning Department) about what can and can’t be built on Vine now and in the future (if the Hollywood Community Plan is approved). They wanted to know how high a structure could be in the “Hollywood Core” and what the process for approval of such developments is and will be. The three councilmembers on the PLUM committee expressed some surprise at the responses that Kevin gave. Kevin confirmed that indeed a building that tall is planned to sit next to Capitol Records as part of the Millennium Project. He added that certain hearings would have to be conducted.

One could guess that this committee has been depending on the testimony of the Planning Department (Kevin Keller and Mary Richardson) for valuable details rather than dissecting the Hollywood Community Plan Update themselves. That may change as a result of this one revelation.

As refreshing as it was to finally have the truth laid out and understood by this committee, the people were not satisfied. And who could blame them? This hearing had a great number of people opposing the plan sitting in their seats patiently waiting for their turn to speak. The good news is that this plan will be back before PLUM in two weeks. Councilmember Reyes did allude to the possibility of taking public comment if need be at that time. Why not contact him at Ask him to set aside a full hour or more for public comment when the Hollywood Community Plan (file 12-0303) comes before his PLUM committee in two weeks. In the interest of empowerment and the recognition of the importance of this issue, no voice should be silenced!


4 thoughts on “PLUM Gets an Education – People’s Voices Silenced

  1. Good article, and somewhat good news. One can’t help but be rather astonished that the actual committee members were surprised to see the height of the proposed skyscrapers next to the Capitol Records building. If they’re on a committee, shouldn’t they know what the heck is in “The Plan”??? They’re making decisions that will affect Hollywood in a big way, yet they aren’t familiar with the details??? What else in “The Plan” are they not aware of? This is unacceptable, yet apparently it is business as usual in any government operation today.

  2. The Hollywood millennium project should be approve. We need projects like this in Hollywood. There are too many empty spaces in Hollywood that need to be fill in. Hollywood is tourist first destination and is sad when all this foreign come to town see the very bad infrastructure that the most famous part of Los Angeles have. Let’s revive Hollywood once again with new buildings like the hollywood millennium project. We the people who live here in Hollywood want this part of town to be beautiful once again.

    • You’re right. Tourists don’t come to Hollywood to see old landmarks like the Brown Debry where Lucy made goo goo eyes at Van Johnson. Who cares where Bette Crawford dined or Arnold first said, “I’ll be back.” They come to see tall buildings packed together as close of humanly possible like downtown Soule. That’s what tourists always say, “we came to Hollywood to see squalid high rises with urchins playing in the gutters. We don’t want to see any of that old stuff about movies.”

      Yes, let fill in every square inch and let’s replace the Hollywood Hills with a deep valley.

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