We Have Something to Fight For

by George Abrahams

East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Planning Entitlement Review Committee submits Hollywood Community Plan UPDATE – Alternative Vision

The Hollywood Community Plan needs to consider the reasonable alternative of down zoning from the 1988 standards in order to improve quality of life and improve infrastructure. On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, the LA City Council Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUM) held its first public hearing on the proposed Update of the Hollywood Community Plan.  This hearing confirmed what the Plan’s skeptics have maintained for years – this planning process is dedicated to real estate investment. Its only implementation program is dramatic increases in permitted heights and densities.

Down zoning Hollywood is the most realistic way to:

1) avoid the adverse impacts contemplated under the Planning Department’s plan to maximize the size of the population,

2)  upgrade the infrastructure, and

3) implement California Environmental Quality Act’s (CEQA’s) purpose “to provide a high-quality environment that at all times is healthful and pleasing to the senses and intellect of man.”

Link to this powerful alternative plan



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