What’s Wrong with the Hollywood Plan?

In a Nutshell

Community plans must be based on facts, but the Hollywood Community Plan [HCP] is based on myths.

The Plan misrepresents that Hollywood is growing so fast that by 2030, we will have 250,000 residents. (249,092 rounded off to 250,000 source HCP DEIR p 4.2-5, 4.2-7)

The Plan says that we had 224,426 residents in 2005 (source HCP DEIR p 5-2) In reality in 2005, we were down to approximately 204,000 (source US 2010 Census). Rather than our population increasing to 237,000 people in 2010, our population had dropped to 198,228. (source US 2010 Census) A factual population projection for 2030 based is around 190,000 residents. (Source US 2000 and 2010 Census population and trend) That’s a 60,000 person discrepancy between US Census facts and The Plan’s myths.

In order to reach 250,000 residents by 2030, the downward trend of 6% over the prior decade would have to reverse itself and increase by 25.4%. No fact suggests our population will increase. We are in a 20 year decline from 213,883 in 1990, to 210,794 in 2000, to 204,000 in 2005, to 1998,228 in 2010. (Source US 2010 Census and HCP FEIR chart p 3.3)

What’s the Harm?

The entire Hollywood Community Plan is based on the myth of an increasing population– garbage in, garbage out. Thus, the Plan’s new commercial zoning standards bear no relation to reality, allowing developers to build anything they want without obtaining approvals. The Plan must be re-written and re-circulated so that we can plan based on facts and not on myths.

People are working very hard to have the City do the right thing and re-write the Plan based on actual population trend and population data. On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. the City PLUM Committee is set to adopt myths as if they were true. People need to tell their councilmembers:

Community Plans must be based on facts; not on falsehoods

3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with the Hollywood Plan?

  1. I would like to attend the meeting on march 27, 2012 to support to show support against this plan. Honestly I dread driving to Downtown. Would you happen to have a list of attendees would be willing to let me carpool with them. I live in Hollywood (Beachwood Dr.). Please let me know…


  2. We are not alone. http://bit.ly/HApE59

    The latest fad in American business is to loot the public treasury; if you can call a 40 year trend a fad. This is not something new — they looted Rome’s treasury thousands of years ago. It’s the way powerful people behave. As Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power trends to corrupt absolutely.” It is the same reason our government has checks and balances — only power can balance power.

    However, there are always the sycophants willing to stab their fellow citizens in the back — in this case the Hillside Federation. These fools think that as along as Garcetti is only decimating the Flats of Hollywood, that’s A OK with them — they got their Hillside Ordinance so screw everyone else.

    My schadenfreude is operating here — but guess who’s going to have their homes burn to the ground and die of heart attacks?? The stab-my-fellow-man-in-the back Hillside Federation! Their best buds Garcetti and LaBonge so deteriorated fire protection services that people living in the Hillside Federation areas are the least likely to have a timely response, if they get any response, to their 911 calls.

    “Burn baby Burn” has moved from South Central to the top of the Hollywood Hills.

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