Hollywood Community Plan Goes to PLUM

This is the final lap for the Hollywood Community Plan on its way to the pen in Villaraigosa’s hand. If enough people line up to point out the errors in this plan, it’s possible that it could be pulled back, errors corrected and the environmental impact report recirculated. A new proposed plan should be based on facts. The direction of that plan should call for massive downzoning.

The decision to pull back this plan for reevaluation won’t happen in a vacuum. YOUR attendance at this meeting of the Planning and Land Use committee (March 27, 2:30 pm, City Hall room 350) could change the direction of this Hollywood Community Plan. Better still, your attendance AND your testimony could make front page news! And that’s what is necessary. Please mark the date on your calendar and bring as many of your neighbors as you can squeeze into your car. Call that morning or the night before for free parking (213-485-3337). Or take public transit. Pack an entire car of Red Line! Here’s more details:

Invitation from the Planning Department:

We have just been informed that the Hollywood Community Plan has been scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, March 27 at 2:30 PM in Room 350, City Hall, 200 North Spring Street before the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee of the City Council.  The agenda will be finalized by the City Clerk 72 hours before the Public Hearing and made available on the City’s website:    http://www.lacity.org/YourGovernment/CityCouncil/CouncilCalendar/index.htm.

All Hollywood Community Plan materials were posted on the City’s website on February 17 and February 27, and can be accessed at http://cityplanning.lacity.org
Mary Richardson
Associate Planner
200 N. Spring St., Rm. 667
LA, CA 90012

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