LAFD Deployment Plan Under Fire

Response time ideally in Los Angeles is 5 minutes. That first 5 minutes are critical to save a life, prevent the roof from collapsing and to halt a brush fire. Yet the City of Los Angeles has cut back on fire fighting resources and manpower causing many fire stations to close and fire trucks to go off line. Watch the video below to see how far Los Angeles is slipping from its stated response goal.

This is the first of a three part segment on NBC Los Angeles, Robert Kovacik Reports


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  1. The lack of fire resources is particularly bad in Hollywood, where the City reduced the size of the new 2 acre Fire Station 82 by 75% to just 1/2 acre and then moved it farther from the Hills, thereby prolonging response times to the Hills. One stated purpose of Prop F was to REDUCE response times, but Garcetti increased them. In an April 25, 2006 press release Garcetti said that it was too expensive to have a full fire station. He did not say that the CRA and a developer wanted the 2 acre site, which the City Council had voted to locate the Fire station, for another mixed use project.

    Garcetti gave $30 M to his buddies at CIM Group so that they could rehab the Kodak Theater after they had just bought the entire Hollywood-Highland Complex for a 67% DISCOUNT. The cost to build had been $625 M and Garcetti allowed the sale to go through for $201 M and then he gave CIM an extra $30 Million.

    Garcetti also gave $52 Million to billionaire Eli Broad so that he could have a parking garage for his art museum.

    Garcetti was able to give away $82 Million dollars to two cronies (among all his other multi-million dollars gifts like the $3.8 M at sunset Gordon and the $17.3 at CRA Hollywood-Western), but he could not find the funds to build a fire station!

    But wait, it gets worst. Garcetti’s new Hollywood Community Plan now proclaims that Hollywood should prepare for an addition 52,000 people by 2030, but his own EIR states that the City cannot mitigate the harm such a population explosion would cause as there is no money! Did Garcetti ask Mr. Broad and Mr. Kuba to return the people’s $82 M? Nope, better to let average folks burn to death in their homes than to interfere with the cycle of money laundering. Garcetti’s running for mayor.

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