Letter to Beverly Press Editor – December 29, 2013

re: Superior Court Decision Overturning Hollywood Community Plan Update

As someone who actually conducted research that was used for the lawsuits challenging the Hollywood Community Plan Update, I take issue with the claims of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce that the Update’s Draft Environmental Impact Report was released two months before 2010 Census Data was released.

In fact, a detailed 2010 census track analysis of Los Angeles Country was published online in March 2011 by Blogdowntown, a website connected to KPCC.  The link, that anyone — including EIR consultants —  could find is:

Meanwhile, the Draft EIR for the Update was released to the public in November 2011, nine months after detailed, analyzed 2010 census data was available to anyone with an Internet connection.

It is also unwarranted to claim that the fixes for the rejected Community Plan Update are “simply” adjustments of census figures. This is because even if the Update’s old, inflated census data had been upheld by the Superior Court, the City of Los Angeles still needs to demonstrate that Hollywood’s existing zoning could not accommodate the area’s anticipated population.

Since the Update departed from the methodology of the General Plan Framework Element, and it did not calculate the actual capacity of Hollywood’s existing zoning, there was and is no basis for the Update’s claim that Hollywood needed to be dramatically up-zoned to meet the housing needs of projected future residents.

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