Judge Deals Major Blow to Hollywood Growth Plan

LA TrafficA judge has dealt a major blow to Los Angeles’ efforts to spur larger development in parts of Hollywood, calling a new zoning plan for the area “fatally flawed” and saying that the document should be repealed.
In a tentative 41-page ruling issued Tuesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Allan J. Goodman said city leaders failed to comply with the state’s environmental law when it approved an update to the Hollywood Community Plan, which mapped out new limits for development in that neighborhood.
The plan sought to allow construction of larger buildings in some parts of Hollywood, particularly around transit stops. Three civic groups sued the city over the plan last summer, saying that the council and city planners had relied on inaccurate data and failed to properly consider alternatives to the plan.
“It’s a clear-cut victory for all three plaintiffs and the community,” said Frank Angel, one of the attorneys for Save Hollywood.org, one of the three groups.

Derived from the Judge’s ruling:

For the reasons stated, petitioners are entitled to relief as follows:
(1) to a peremptory writ of mandate ordering respondents and defendants City and City Council to (a) rescind, vacate and set aside all actions approving the HCPU and certifying the EIR adopted in connection therewith and all related approvals issued in furtherance of the HCPU, including but not limited to the text and maps associated with the HCPU, the Resolution amending the Hollywood Community Plan, the adoption of rezoning actions taken to reflect zoning changes contained in the HCPU, all amendments to the General Plan Transportation and Framework Elements made to reflect changes in the HCPU, adopting the Statement of Overriding Considerations, adopting the Mitigation and Monitoring Program, and adopting Findings in support of the foregoing; and (b) initiate the process of amending the HCP in a manner that conforms to the policies and objectives of the General Plan and the requirements of CEQA;
(2) an injunction that respondents and defendants City and City Council, their officers, employees, agents, boards, commissions and other subdivisions shall not grant any authority, permits or entitlements which derive from the HCPU or its EIR until an adequate and valid EIR is prepared,  circulated and certified as complete and is consistent with CEQA, CEQA Guidelines, and all other applicable laws, and until legally adequate findings of consistence are made as required pursuant to the Charter of the 27.
The relief set out below is the full relief to be awarded in the three cases. Any argument made and not addresses is deemed rejected.
City of Los Angeles and other applicable laws;
(3) attorneys fees and costs as may hereafter be determined.
DATED: December 10, 2013


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2 thoughts on “Judge Deals Major Blow to Hollywood Growth Plan

  1. Having worked with Robert Silverstein to successfully win relief from the CRA’s similarly flawed planning, I hope you will immediately approach mike feuer and beg him to not appeal your win.

    The city’s process in this .Community plan was flawed in many ways, -and I applaud you for finding a wedge to drive the point home successfully. Please tell feuer to spend money on good planning rather than on lawyers to fight the citizenry.

    Hollywood Heritage won 3 major suits against the planning in Hollywood, and at some point the message has to come through to the City to clean up their act . Bad planning followed by expensive lawsuits is painful financially and unnecessary.

    . I am not certain they know how to do good planning. , bear in mind in 1986 the Hollywood community plan was taken away from the planning department and developed by a private firm uninfluenced by developers. It was a very well done plan.

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