Hollywood Becomes Fraudywood

M FraudywoodIn order to have the City Council approve the Garcetti Hollywood Community Plan on June 19, 2012, the HCP EIR deceitfully inflated Hollywood’s 2005 population by 23,880, claiming to have used SCAG Regional Transportation Plan numbers.

After the three lawsuits were filed and finding that the SCAG 2005 RTP had absolutely no data for Hollywood and finding no SCAG data on Hollywood’s population for any year including 2005 baseline or for the fictitious population of 244,602 ppl in 2030 anywhere in the 70,000 pages of administrative record, concerned citizens made a Government Code, § 6250 request for the SCAG population data on Hollywood.  Guess what? SCAG had NO public data. There never was any official or public population data for the 2005 population of 224,426 ppl.  Thus, it was a material fraud to tell the public that the baseline 2005 population was 224,426 ppl.

SCAG does have non-public, non-official population data for Hollywood.  SCAG’s secret files showed that in 2004 SCAG had a non-public projection for Hollywood’s 2005 population of 224,296 ppl and then in 2008, SCAG had recalculated the 2005 population as 224,037 ppl, but by 2011, the year that Garcetti’s HCP’s Draft and Final EIR’s were written, SCAG had lowered its population determination by 24,000 people to only 200,546 ppl. For a community plan to use an old, superseded number in lieu of the final population determination is material fraud and a deprivation of the public’s due process rights. Nonetheless, with knowledge that there was no evidence to support the 2005 baseline population or the 2030 population of 244,602 ppl (FEIR p3-4), Garcetti had the entire city council approve the fatally defective HCP.

The facts show a decrease from 213,883 ppl in 1990 to 198,228 ppl in year 2010 with no evidence of any increase at any time between 1990 and 2010.  The Garcetti HCP knowingly chose to use the falsified data for the 2005 baseline and for the 2030 projected population of 244,602 ppl.  They are useful lies if you want approval for a one million square foot project called the Millennium.


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  1. I am ecstatic about the judge’s decision. I appreciate the work volunteers and professionals do to improve life in our city.

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