Tower Blocks Should be Demolished

Tower-blocks-in-HackneyHigh-rise housing should be replaced by streets of terrace homes says Policy Exchange set up by planning minister.

Modernist tower blocks should be demolished and replaced with streets of terrace houses and low-rise flats that people actually want to live in, an influential Conservative think tank will claim on Thursday.

Policy Exchange, set up by the radical planning minister Nick Boles, quotes wide-ranging research showing literally nobody in one poll wants to live in high rise social housing, and that it is linked to problems including crime and poor health in communities, stress and neurosis among tenants and hyperactivity and juvenile delinquency in their children.

Not for nothing did film director Stanley Kubrick use newly built tower blocks in east London “to symbolise the vicious dystopia of The Clockwork Orange”, says the report, Create Streets.

look at the photos of the buildings. look familiar?

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